Apple has rolled out the Big Sur update and it is now also available to users in Europe. Titan is now also compatible with Big Sur on all Intel-based Macs and the new version is available via the auto-update function and in Download  is made available.

As always, we advise against upgrading to the new operating system as soon as it is released. This is especially true for production systems. If you want to try it, you should wait until the first updates are released or use a virtual machine or a Mac that you don't urgently need for a test.
This advice is not specific to upgrading to Big Sur, but is always good advice when a new operating system is released.
Some older Macbook Pros even seem to have serious problems that go so far as to render the computer unusable, MacLife and many other sites reported MacBooks that simply show a black screen and make installation impossible. But not only that, resetting and returning to the old operating system doesn't seem to work either. This is especially true for models from 2013 and 2014 is said.

Nevertheless, Titan is compatible with Big Sur from now on, but so far only on Macs with Intel processors. We can't test it on the new Macs with ARM M1 processors until we have an appropriate device, which will take some time. In theory, this should also work, but theory and practice are not always the same :-)


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