Gemini 12 Remote

Do you have a low printing requirement, but the highest quality standards?
With Gemini 12 Remote your printouts are produced and sent to you in a Gemini Print Center.

Easy installation

Install Titan 2

Install the Titan 2 on your computer. You can simply drag and drop your print requests into Titan 2.

Send a print job

With the print job your image data will be sent to the nearest Gemini Print Center and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Personal delivery

You can either pick up your prints at your nearest Gemini Print Center or they will be sent to you personally.

Gemini 12 Remote

With Gemini Remote you can order prints up to 64″ width. You only pay for what you actually print - thanks to Gemini's click-based payment system. 


Do you have any more questions?

For all questions concerning Gemini we are at your disposal. 

Install Gemini Remote

 Install Titan 2 on your computer and you can start printing immediately.

Satisfied customers speak for us.

Please send us a message if you would like to see the Gemini on site at one of our customers!

A thoroughly intuitive system with excellent print quality. Having control over the quality of your photos is priceless. 

Thomas Blumrich

Managing Director , blumrich frames and photography

My company philosophy is "class not mass". So I also want to offer my customers first-class photo prints in professional quality without investing too much time in technology and colour management. That's why Gemini is the first choice for me.

Heike Witzgall

Managing Director , Heike Witzgall photography

Even after four Gemini generations in the house, I wouldn't want to do without my tailor-made Gemini system. For my customers I can react quickly and this on a high quality level up to 1.1m material width.

Thomas Ceska

Managing Director , Photo studio Ceska

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