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Gemini Art On Demand System is the turnkey solution for artists, publishers and galleries to sell art easily and above all safely. Nobody can get to the original files.

Gemini Systems Art On Demand

The Gemini Systems GmbH is a leading ArtTech supplier. Our art-on-demand solution is based on our proven Gemini platform with additional high security features and the unique print streaming technology. All images are stored encrypted and absolutely secure in the online vault and are merely streamed to the print station without any file traces anywhere in the system or even the original file getting into other hands.

Artists, publishers or other owners of image rights to high quality assets can safely offer our art-on-demand service to anyone around the world and receive a royalty calculated according to the royalties defined by the owner based on the print size. Streaming technology for printing transfers encrypted files to the printer via a secure tunnel, giving you complete control over the printer for printing. This ensures that the image cannot be used for reprinting and the correct royalties are calculated based on the size and type of the printed media.

With a variety of integrated control options, the owner of the image rights remains responsible for the entire process and guarantees the highest level of security, high quality and reasonable revenues. New clients for accessing images can be added anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, and the entire process is monitored from a central online dashboard.

Cloud based system

Whether one shop or hundreds, connect stationary shops or an online shop. Or both. All sales channels are open to you.

Gemini AOD for artists

New ways of distribution open up for artists, if it is not only about selling originals. Open up your own distribution channels!

Absolutely safe

No one can get at the original data of your art. They are stored in encrypted form, no one can even get their hands on the file for printing.

Gemini AOD for publishers

Expand your sales channel with Gemini AOD to boost sales. The classic order business and flip catalogue was yesterday, on-site production is today.

Printing from A3+ to 64 inch

Connect one or more printers and produce on fine art paper or canvas. Framing generates additional business.

Gemini AOD for gallery owners

Whether it's selected artists or 5,000 works of art, Gemini AOD complements your business with simple and secure on-site production and generates more revenue.

Download Gemini 12 Art On Demand Client

The AOD client is a software for Mac and Windows to select artworks, visualize them in the Wall Art module and send the AOD order. For example, the Gemini AOD Client can be used on-site in the gallery instead of the classic flip page catalog. The true-to-scale visualization of the selected image helps to sell larger images easily. 

The Gemini AOD Client also allows you to manage all your digital assets. Gallery, Gemini PrinCenter, Publisher or Artist have access levels adapted to their needs.

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