Gemini 12 Service RIP

Gemini 12 Service RIP is the unique combination of a remotely maintained Mac RIP server, technical service and free colour profile measurements. The top solution for small production companies with one or more web printers from Epson, Canon or HP.

The Gemini Service RIP

The powerful server-client based RIP solution for LFP printers for demanding production environments combined with first-class service. The Gemini Service RIP in combination with your existing or new web printers increases your productivity and allows simultaneous printing on multiple machines and control from any number of workstations.

The Gemini Service RIP is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with one to five web printers with a width of 24 to 64 inches, who want to produce professionally and efficiently on printers from Canon, Epson, HP and many others.

Remotely maintained Mac RIP Server

You do your job, we'll do ours.

  • Your RIP server in the local network is set up by Gemini
  • Reliable hardware from Apple
  • Updates and maintenance via remote maintenance
  • Supports multiple users and most roll printers from all major manufacturers
  • Fully equipped RIP server for professional production
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Cross platform solution with client-server architecture for Windows and Mac in mixed results
  • Live printer status query and remote printer control
  •  Hyper RIPing and job buffering technology for fast printing
  • Sophisticated precise color management with support for the latest ICC V4 profiles and spot colors
  • Supports printing of many file formats including Adobe PDF
  • Fully automated print workflows with hot folders
  • Scalable for one or more printers

Technical service

If it does get stuck, we're here for you.

  • Completely preconfigured server and installation via remote maintenance
  • Free introduction training via Teamviewer
  • Free server exchange in case of hardware problems
  • New printer? We integrate it into the system free of charge
  • Free telephone support
  • Free support via ticket system and by mail
  • On-site training and on-site installation can be booked additionally

Free colour profile measurement

So that you always achieve consistent colour results that can be planned.

  • We measure one profile per printer up to six times per year free of charge
  • Precise profiles with 2033 patches are standard
  • Quality optimized tables according to ICC version 4
  • Of course you can also measure profiles and even spot colours yourself with the appropriate equipment and know-how

Integrated Adobe® PDF LibraryTM

So that PDFs that comply with the standard are printed correctly.


The Adobe PDF LibraryTM integrated into the server makes work much easier. No matter what you want to print, the Gemini RIP will process the job accurately, quickly and easily.

Gemini 12 printer driver

Because the margins become smaller, saved ink brings money.

  • The special Gemini printer drivers and RIP functions ensure the best material and title utilization
  • Excellent colour reproduction with reduced ink consumption compared to manufacturers' printer drivers
  • With ink limits and linearization, even cheaper and lower quality papers can be profiled cleanly without excessive ink application

Client Software

Simple operation and automation save time.

  • Gemini's client software Titan ensures a simple and fast workflow
  • User-defined templates for repetitive print layouts
  • Nesting with autorotation and parameters as required
  • Can be installed free of charge on any number of computers in the network, whether one user or 10, it does not matter

Do you have any more questions?

For all questions concerning Gemini we are at your disposal. 

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A thoroughly intuitive system with excellent print quality. Having control over the quality of your photos is priceless. 

Thomas Blumrich

Managing Director , blumrich frames and photography

My company philosophy is "class not mass". So I also want to offer my customers first-class photo prints in professional quality without investing too much time in technology and colour management. That's why Gemini is the first choice for me.

Heike Witzgall

Managing Director , Heike Witzgall photography

Even after four Gemini generations in the house, I wouldn't want to do without my tailor-made Gemini system. For my customers I can react quickly and this on a high quality level up to 1.1m material width.

Thomas Ceska

Managing Director , Photo studio Ceska

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