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Template editor

The template editor allows you to modify existing templates or create new ones. It is integrated in Titan 2 to make working easier. It is worthwhile to create and use templates for layouts and certain image positioning, which are always repeated. Templates for common passport photos for many countries are already integrated.

Select template to edit

The list on the left side shows the available templates. You can filter them by paper size or passport photo templates. If you have selected a template, it is displayed in large size. The name of the template and the paper size are displayed above, the memo field allows you to specify a search term. For example, if you save the term Enter Passport, the template will be added to the 25 passport picture templates provided.

Importing templates from Gemini 4

Templates from other Gemini 4 or 12 systems can be loaded via the Import button. Show Templates opens a file window with the location of the template files.

Use templates


To use a template, simply click on the small preview of the desired template in the list, to the right of the list it will be displayed in a larger preview. Each cell in the template has a blue border to indicate its position and size on the paper. The letter in the cell shows whether it is set in repetition with the same image or only single. All cells with the letter A for example will be filled with the same image when placed on the template. If the letter is different, the cells can be filled with images one by one.


The images are simply dragged and dropped onto the respective cells, either from the integrated file browser or from an Explorer/Finder window. Multiple files can also be dragged onto the template at the same time. These are either distributed continuously over the cells or continuously over several pages.


Stencil edge


All stencils have a margin of 3mm to the paper edge.

Create Template

To create a new template, proceed as follows:

1. type the name of the template in the Template text box

Specify the paper size in the Page Size drop-down menu.

3. click on Create Template

At this point the template is created and not saved, to save it click Save.

Add cells

You can add cells for images using the cell create button. If you do not specify a position of the cell in mm, the cell is positioned in the upper left (3; 3) in the template. If you do not specify a size, the cell is 50x50mm. You can change the size of the cell by clicking and entering the size values in mm. Size values of the cell are limited by the page size.

Change cells

You can change the position of a cell with the mouse, or enter x and y position specifications. You can also select the cell and move it in 1mm steps with the arrow keys. Holding down the Shift key will move the cell by 1cm. 

Cell group

By default, each cell is assigned the group name A. The group defines which image is displayed in the template. All cells with group A include the same picture when it is inserted. If you want to insert different images on the same template, you must create different group names. You can create up to 150 different groups per template. You can use as many letters as you like.

Print Info

Each newly created cell has no info box, you can create this info box per cell to print file information below the screen. To move it, simply click on the green area and move it using the arrow keys.


Once you have created a cell of the desired size, you can easily duplicate it with the same dimensions using the Duplicate button. The cell to be duplicated must be selected.


To add several cells of the same size collectively Titan 2 has the matrix function in the template editor. You first define the position and size, then you enter how many rows and columns and enter the distance between the cells. By clicking on Create, these cells are created at the X and Y position, all with the same height and width as you entered.

Alignment of cells.

To align cells with the positions on the paper, simply select the cell and choose the position in Align. 

When you are finished editing the template, click Save. You can then use the newly created template directly in the Template tab.


If you want to print e.g. passport photos, you can also use Titan 2 to define auxiliary lines according to the biometric specifications of the respective country for the cells of the template. To do so, double-click on the cell to open the editor for the cell's guides. This editor has two tabs, Straight lines and Ellipse. You can define up to 12 lines, 6 horizontal, 6 vertical. The position of these lines can be defined from above, below, right and left. The guides are only displayed if you want them to be displayed via the guide checkbox in the template.


In addition to straight lines, an ellipse can also be defined.

For this ellipse you specify 4 points, from above, from below, from right and from left. If you selected the Show ellipse checkbox, the ellipse is displayed in the template.

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