Upgrade Gemini4

Gemini 4 users are usually big fans of their Gemini 4 print solution, as it was a powerful, fast way to make prints.
With the arrival of Gemini 12, many additional features that never were available in Gemini 4, now become available.
What remained was the complete interface: 1 single place to submit print jobs in an easy way.
But Gemini 12 also adds the following advantages:

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– Free of charge Mac Mini based server, greatly reducing the risk of viruses.
– 1 click edges for canvas printing or custom passe par-tout.
– Support for all the latest generations of printers
Wall Art visualisation of Art, helping to increase the size of your print sales
Art On Demand, allowing you to integrate art libraries that you can safely start selling and printing, all from the same interface.
– Optimised templates for borderless printing, making borderless printing faster and more accurate than ever.
Remote Printing, allowing you to grow your print business without investing first.
– TeamViewer based one on one support.
– Import your existing G4 templates.
– Make use of Nesting to optimise print speed and media usage.

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Gemini 12.
Contact Gemini today and learn about the possibilities.