Remote Printing

Gemini 12 Remote Printing adds great flexibility in where you print. No longer are you limited to the available size of the printer at the Gemini 12 Print Center, but you can also send your print jobs to other locations, using Gemini Remote Printing. The advantages are numerous: prints can be made (remotely) that exceed the local available printer. Gemini 12 Print Centers can team up with any customer they would like to be able to submit print jobs into the Gemini 12 workflow. The choices of dimensions, cropping, media selection, edges are all done by the customer who places the Gemini Remote Print job order. This is done through Titan, Gemini 12’s intuitive user interface.

Even without a printer,  you can now start a print service: simply team up with Gemini and start Remote Printing today. Or expand the print sizes without investing in a wider printer. Or team up with other locations that also need prints.

The Principal of Remote Printing is explained in this video:


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