You can download the latest version of Titan, Gemini 12’s client software on this page.
The minimum system requirements are:

Windows 7 Pro and up (32 and 64 bit)*1
Mac 10.8 and up (64 bit)

By clicking on the download link, you agree to the software license agreement
For release notes see below.

Choose the link that matches your operating system:

Titan for Mac version 1.2.37

Titan for Windows 64 bit 1.2.37

Titan for Windows 64 bit Runtime 1.2.37

Previous older versions:

Titan for Mac
Titan for Windows 32 bit
Titan for Windows 64 bit
Titan for Windows 32 bit including runtime modules
Titan for Windows 64 bit including runtime modules

Click on this link for RealVNC for Viewing your Mac Server Screen from Windows

Titan Beta Versions are available here: Please accept any possible errors that might occur using the beta software.

Titan for Mac Beta 1.2.37

Titan for Windows Beta 64bit installer 1.2.37

Titan for Windows Beta 64bit Runtime installer 1.2.37


For the latest changes in the beta software, please see the bottom of this page.

*1) Note that the runtime modules are only made available for those who do not have a fully up to date Windows system;
If your Windows is 100% up to date, you should not need the runtime versions and can use the up to date run time modules
supplied by Window updates.

*2) The following Mac operating systems are supported:

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
OS X 10.9 Mavericks
OS X 10.10: Yosemite
OS X 10.11: El Capitan
macOS 10.12: Sierra

The latest available version is 1.2.27

Release Notes:

– Rotation bug when autorotate is off fixed.
– More lenient filter for templates (now shows all templates roughly the size chosen)
– Fix JPG pixelsize info Windows
– Copies now resets to 1 after printing to avoid duplicate by mistake
– Edge rotation bug workaround (now switches off edge when rotating)
– Fix showing more icc profiles from partly matching model numbers
– Show volume names Windows
– Template job now get Template name as start of filename
– Non filled template cells allowed (no longer requires all cells to be filled)


Beta Version Changelog

Version 1.2.36

  • Fix for peer to peer  printing  – already  published medias were not shown in Titan`s peer to peer setup section
  • Compatibility of jobs updated for latest Gemini 12 Server version 18100-02

Version 1.2.30

  • Fix for some horizontal guidelines showing in the wrong position with picture loaded

Version 1.2.29

  • Fix for some vertical guidelines not showing in template with picture loaded.

Version 1.2.28

  • Remote Print Cloud Location change implemented
  • Cancel button captions localised.

Version 1.2.27

  • Prices for Art On Demand Prints are now updated when the size is changed.

Version 1.2.26

  • Fix for FreeLayout size changes not working with rotation on Windows
  • Fix for drag & drop from outside Titan not working on Windows

Version 1.2.25

  • Fix for square cells incorrect autorotate
  • Warnings for print size improved (now takes Make dependent margins into account of either 6 or 10mm in FreeLayout.

Version 1.2.23

  • Fix for Edge size value losing focus after entering first digit.

Version 1.2.22

  • Fix for Windows 7 Template editor showing cells black & not keeping index after double click cell.

Version 1.2.21

  • Fix for status not being updated after launch.
  • Fix for negative height shown on launch in Free Layout.

Version 1.2.20

  • Fix for Auto-connect Windows 7
  • Fix for high number of jobs in Archive causing delays
  • Fix for A3+ template editor (pages now created at 329 mm)
  • Change in Logo behavior edge: now the percentage relates to the size of the edge when placed in the edge.

Version 1.2.17

  • Fix for RasterDPI preference changing template print dimensions

Version 1.2.14

  • Removed some obsolete auto connect code Windows.

Version 1.2.13

  • Fix for not being able to select bottom listed template
  • Right click in browser now opens the folder containing the selected file
  • Backspace after choosing a cell on a template clears the selected image.

Version 1.2.12

  • Fix for templates using >10 pages
  • Fix for double ICC warning

Version 1.2.11

  • Filebrowser is now sorted alphabetically.

Version 1.2.10

  • Supports up to 750 Templates.
  • Larger font size in Template Lists

Version 1.2.08

  • Extra logging and Windows Auto-connect change

Version 1.2.05

  • Fix for template index not showing correct template after printing

Version 1.2.03

  • Fix for Splash-screen mask not showing correctly.

Version 1.2.02

  • Fix for Free-Layout jobs sometimes causing errors

Version 1.2.01

  • Fix for Profiles not starting with name but number causing issues

Version 1.2.00

  • New Templates list included (Delete existing folder to get these imported)
  • PDF job conversion for large files to prevent Server Error with Large JPG
  • Fix for A3+ showing under filter „Other“

Version 1.1.82

  • Fix for Passport filter not showing correct selection
  • Fix for switching between Template & FreeLayout on Windows causing lost image.

Version 1.1.81

  • Will warn when images are used that have no embedded icc profile, offering to cancel. (This will also be triggered when non JPG or TIFF files are dropped onto cells from an external browser, to avoid Photoshop images causing issues). Printing is still possible, but by agreeing to continue, the user accepts possible color issues.

Version 1.1.80

  • Updated German translations
  • Fix for Windows Room delete not working
  • Fix for Remote Printing slowing down mouse every 7 seconds


Version 1.1.79

  • Template Filter 10×15 & 13×18 no longer show Passport templates

Version 1.1.78

  • Added „Show Templates“ button in Templates Editor (for exchange and backup)
  • Fix for Auto-connect running on Server

Version 1.1.77

  • incorrect AOD credentials now cause an error message instead of crash
  • Improved Auto-Connect Mac

Version 1.1.76

  • fix for windows external browser template file drop

Version 1.1.75

  • Logging cleaned
  • Auto-connect improved

Version 1.1.74

  • Freelayout Tab restored after init is completed
  • View Server button fix Windows
  • Deleting template files after printing instead of trashing.
  • Fix for printing remote when local queue is selected

Version 1.1.73

  • Added Passport Templates and filter. 25 Passport Templates will be added to Titan automatically.

Version 1.1.72

  • Boot optimisations

Version 1.1.71

  • Fix for auto-connect specific Windows systems

Version 1.1.70

  • Mac fix for swapping users causing auto connect issues

Version 1.1.69

  • Improved auto-connect method Windows & Mac (should now connect on first launch)

Version 1.1.68

  • Fix for Windows Titan being launched multiple times when double-clicked multiple times.

Version 1.1.67

  • Fix for correct Template Autorotate preview not matching HiRes print file
  • Fix for empty templates being printable
  • Fix for Switching between Free Layout and Wall Art causing changes to FreeLayout
  • Fix for clicking up/down page during AOD search causing no results to show.
  • Limits Auto-Connect attempts to 3

Version 1.1.66

  • Fix for inconsistent icc profiles on templates

Version 1.1.65

  • Fix for Template dimensions being too large if no cut mark option was set on El Capitan

Version 1.1.64

  • Fix for new Template cell on new Template causing list to lose index.

Version 1.1.63

  • Fix for Mac El Capitan Popup menu for cutmarks Templates
  • Fix for Mac El Capitan Popup menu page size Template editor
  • Print button in Templates now only enabled after selecting Printer & Media

Version 1.1.62

  • Fix for cell duplication causing Template List index loss
  • Custom logo image stored in settings and loaded on launch
  • Manual AOD dimension entry now allowed
  • AOD order button now de-activates unless correct size.

Version 1.1.61

  • Fixed Templates from not working after printing without re-selecting template
  • Fixed Ellipse redraw bug
  • Added translations for new features
  • Increased room for some labels to fit translations
  • Implemented link (using help about) to Titan Manual page on

Version 1.1.60

  • Fixed Favorites not being recalled
  • Fixed Local print from being identified as Remote Print.

Version 1.1.59

  • Improved auto-connect method Mac
  • Fix for template print bug
  • Fix for Template Editor Name editing bug

Version 1.1.57

  • Fixed issue with View Server Button Mac.
  • Fixed changing templates not resetting cell scale & rotation indicators.

Version 1.1.56

  • Fixed changing templates not resetting cell scale & rotation sliders.

Version 1.1.55

  • Fixed auto connect issue on first launch Mac

Version 1.1.54

  • Scaling & Rotation can be reset by clicking value
  • Launch issue Mac resolved

Version 1.1.53

  • New: Template Ellipse guides now supported
  • New: Canvas length adjustment feature added

Version 1.1.51

  • Fix for Certificates
  • Fix for Launch issue Mac

Version 1.1.50

  • Added Template Cell scaling, positioning and free rotation.
  • Added Guideline support for templates and editor (double-click cell in template editor to access)
  • Added crop lines in Previews on FreeLayout
  • Added option to show logo on canvas edge
  • Over 50 bugfixes