Art On Demand

Gemini Art On Demand (AOD) is a unique way in which artists can make their art available for third party printing. Through Gemini’s workflow, the high resolution files of the artworks never actually have to be sent to the place of printing. Instead, the original high resolution images are uploaded into the cloud in an encoded form.


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When a customer orders a print from the AOD browser, it is streamed directly from the cloud to the printer. The big advantage of this approach is that the Artist does not have to worry about the original file being copied or printed again. Only the ordered prints can be made and any printed Art is automatically added to the invoicing system.
The second big advantage is distributed sales: through the AOD browser and Wall Art, users can visualize the selected artwork before ordering from anywhere.
The order can be printed on a location that is completely different from where the order is generated, allowing for instance Galleries to start selling Art from the Gallery, without ever handling the original Art file.




Once the print is ordered, a certificate is created automatically that can be supplied with the digital printed artwork.

The possibilities for expansion are almost limitless: a local Gemini12 print center can team up with Artists they know, and make their Art available for AOD ordering from different locations.

Currently, AOD prints are ordered through Gemini’s Client software Titan. Work has already started to bring AOD browsing and Wall Art visualisation to iOS, so that end users can visualise the Artwork of their choice on their own wall.
Gemini12 Print centers or sales outlets will be able to promote the AOD content using the AOD App, which will link to this specific Print Center. Currently, Gemini 12 offers in excess of 3500 art pieces for reproduction from collections varying from old masters, over abstract and into modern art.


When a reproduction is ordered using AOD, a certificate of authenticity is automatically generated. This certificate can be supplied to the customer and contains all information on the art work, including limited edition (if applicable).

Gemini ArtOnDemand is an optional add-on solution for Gemini 12 users. The ArtOnDemand web portal is available here (user credentials available on request)